Volt Air Marine Engineering Ltd

VAME’s Chief Mechanical Engineer Jacob recently packed his bags and flew out to Santander to provide engineering support to one of our valued customers following the breakdown of one of their vessels which had suffered a main engine failure. Whilst working on the vessel, Jacob was asked to remain on board and sailed with the vessel to various ports providing maintenance support, before arriving in Lisbon. There, Jacob was joined by two more of our engineers, Will & Rick who had driven to Goole in Yorkshire to collect a gearbox for the same vessel. The guys then drove through the night and day and delivered the gearbox to the ship in Lisbon some 48 hours later. The team then removed the Ships engine/gearbox and reinstated the new engine and gearbox through the night and following day.  After successful sea trials Jacob sailed with the Ship to Naples in Italy. In all, Jacobs adventure lasted a total of 15 days. We noticed his skin was the same colour on his return as it was the day he left. This demonstrates there is no better sun tan lotion than engine oil.

Well done guys. A tough job with an excellent outcome.